Done is better than none

March 18, 2017
Life. It is not until you look back, that you notice how many twists and turns you have walked, how things have changed and a lot of the time, ended up where you...

“Seriously, I have nothing to wear!”

I make this statement, pretty much every day when getting dressed. Seriously I do. As I have mentioned in previous posts, here & here, I have been struggling with my wardrobe; what suits...
aha moment

The “A-ha” moment

January 24, 2017
An “aha” moment is a moment of sudden insight or clarity; when the subject matter suddenly makes sense. Why do I say this, you ask? Well I have been struggling for awhile...

What is slow fashion?

January 15, 2017
To start this conversation off, we need to ask ourselves what is Fast Fashion, the opposite to Slow Fashion. Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express how...

Series: #SlowFashion

January 2, 2017
You have heard about the the slow food revolution right? Well my sweets, there is also a slow fashion revolution going on and as Dickson et al said, Slow fashion is not...